How does your pricing work?

  • Residential carpet and upholstery cleaning is priced by the area according to our standard pricelist.
  • Specialty Cleaning is priced by the hour with a minimum 1 hour charge.
  • Hard Surface cleaning is priced by square footage.
  • Commercial cleaning is priced by square footage depending on the level of soiling in the carpet.
  • There is a minimum charge on all orders.
  • To get an exact quote, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-855-CITRUS-5 (1-855-248-7875).

Do you offer a Senior’s Discount?

Yes we do! People able to establish Senior status (65+) are eligible for a $20 Senior’s Discount on their order. Senior’s Discount can not be combined with other specials.

Is Scotchguard or another protector included in your base price?

Citrus-O’s fibre protector, Ultra Guard, is not included in our base price. Although carpet manufacturers do recommend reapplying fibre protector with every professional carpet cleaning (it is actually a requirement to keep a new carpet warranty valid), we leave that choice up to each individual customer. All Technicians carry Ultra Guard with them at all times so if you decide that you want it after booking, you can always ask for a quote. Ultra Guard will help your carpets or upholstery stay cleaner, longer.

Why don’t you charge by square footage for residential?

Consumers usually don’t know the exact dimensions of the areas to be cleaned, so in order to give an accurate quote over the phone that we can honour, we price residential jobs by the area (see below for ‘What is an area?’). Because we are calculating your areas and subtotal prior to seeing your space, your technician will confirm your quote during the Pre-Inspection. See more FAQs below for additional explanations about our quoting process.

What is an area?

“Area” is the term that we use to define a location in the home. Single areas include a hall, 10-15 stairs, bedroom, or one sitting area of upholstery. Living and dining room combo counts as two areas. Large rec-rooms, games rooms, or great rooms also count as two areas. Area rugs that are 5×8 or greater are considered one area. Rugs smaller than 5×8 (ie. 4×6 or less) are considered half an area and can be paired together to make one area.

Why does my hallway cost the same as my living room?

Smaller areas can actually take more time and require more cleaning solution than a larger area. The reason is that in a small area the soil is highly concentrated as opposed to a wide open space that has a more even distribution of soil across all of the carpet. Having per area pricing allows us to give clear quotes over the phone.

What is a living room/dining room combination?

In many modern developments (especially condominiums, apartments, basement suites and townhouses) there is no obvious separation between living room and dining room areas. For our purpose of defining areas, a living room and dining room that flow together and are connected will be considered two separate areas as it would be written on the building’s blueprints.

What is the difference between a landing and a hallway?

For our purpose of defining areas, a hallway leads to other areas such as a bathroom or bedrooms, while a landing leads to other stairs.

Why don’t you match competitor prices?

In the past, carpet cleaning companies have had a bad reputation for “bait & switch”- offering a low price to get you to book an appointment. Once you have taken time out of your schedule, and they are there to do the cleaning, they add on extra fees for sanitizing, deodorizing, waste handling, travel, fuel, etc. Often the customer ends up with a bill that is much more than the original amount quoted. At Citrus-O, we believe in clear, ethical pricing. The price you are quoted over the phone or online is the same price you pay in the home unless you decide to have additional areas cleaned or you decide to have Ultra Guard applied. All technicians have a price list with them and all areas are charged at the same rate (see explanation above about ‘What is an area?’).

Success Stories


    review rating 5  Our carpet cleaner was punctual and efficient. He did a very good job at getting the stains out of our carpet which is cream in colour. Wouldn't hesitate to ask Citrus O back again to do another cleaning. Very pleased.

    thumb Connie Bentley

    review rating 5  Excellent customer service! If looking to set up an appointment talk to Curtis. He was extremely helpful, thoroughly explained the process, and even followed up to make sure we were satisfied with the results. Which we were!Our Carpet Tech Bernard went above and beyond during the cleaning. There was a massive black stain right in the middle of our office that he was able to remove and we greatly appreciate it! 10/10 would recommend this service.

    thumb Jennafer Harkness

    review rating 5  We had our Carpets cleaned by Citrus-O carpet care the other day. The gal on the other end called to confirm our appointment the day of cleaning. Chris the cleaner was very professional, he was on time and did the cleaning with care. Our carpets are clean, smell great and all the little soils are gone. Thank you for a job well done. Highly recommend Citrus-O.

    thumb Kari Lumme